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East Texas Giving Day 2018

Apr 13, 2018

Join us on April 24 for East Texas Giving Day! Read More

Diana's Story

Apr 30, 2017

Adoption specialists speak of two traumas faced by most children in foster care, the first trauma of losing a parent(s) and the second of losing a sibling. Diana suffered both of these traumas at the ... Read More

5 Reasons to Participate in Your Local Giving Day

Apr 27, 2017

Online “giving days” are days that are set aside to raise money for nonprofits. Have you ever heard of Amplify Austin or East Texas Giving Day? They are just a few of the giving days that Presbyteri... Read More

PCHAS' Education Program: Opening Doors for Group Home Residents

Apr 22, 2017

When children come into Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ (PCHAS) care, most have been traumatized from emotional or physical abuse at home. If they have also been moved from foster home t... Read More

Class of 2017: Zack

Apr 22, 2017

Another school year draws to a close, meaning it's time for graduation. We are so excited for each and every one of our graduates and what their future holds. We want you to get a glimpse of the amazi... Read More

Hidden Figures

Apr 18, 2017

You may have seen or heard about Hidden Figures, the movie. A hidden figure in Missouri's history is Margaret Leggat Butler. As a wealthy widow, Mrs. Butler funded the orphanage that became the Farmi... Read More

Program Update from PCHAS

Apr 17, 2017

AUSTIN, Texas — Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ (PCHAS) Board of Trustees voted unanimously on April 8, 2017 to make the following changes: The historic children’s agency will consolida... Read More