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Building Strong Family Attachments-A Foundation for Healthy Development and Educational Success

Jul 15, 2024

At Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services, we support families in securing attachments through our Growing Together program. Strong family attachments are essential for early childhood development, laying the groundwork for a nurturing environment where children can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically. Read More

What is an Online Info Session?

Oct 02, 2023

We designed this free session to give an overview of how foster care and adoption work in Texas. Read More

The Right Time for Family

Sep 18, 2023

Kyle and Kristin are a testament to the transformative power of love. The family adopted Malachi, and now they have three sons getting to grow up together as a family. Read More

The Love of Family

Aug 29, 2023

Dennis and Melissa have given five children a family and a future while maintaining connections and helping the kids thrive. It is an incredible story, and PCHAS is honored to be part of it. Read More

Hispanic Heritage Month: Honoring Culture in Foster Care & Adoption

Aug 28, 2023

From September 15th to October 15th, we honor National Hispanic Heritage Month. Here are some ways foster and adoptive families can help Hispanic children stay connected with their heritage. Read More

What Is Kinship Care?

Aug 22, 2023

When it's not safe for kids to remain at home, workers looks for relatives and friends who can give kids the safe and nurturing care they need. Learn more about Kinship Care and how PCHAS can help Kinship Families. Read More

10 Ways to Pray for Kids in Foster Care Going Back to School

Aug 09, 2023

Here are ten ways you can join PCHAS in praying for kids in foster care as they return to school. Read More