Success Stories

Running Toward Chaos

May 28, 2020

Only a few years ago, Brittany was a single mom – jobless and fearful. The Single Parent Family Program at PCHAS gave her and her two children a safe place to live while she started over. After a year with PCHAS, Brittany moved her family into an apartment and started courses at a nursing school. Now a registerd nurse, Brittany is volunteering at a hospital in New York City to help others during the COVID-19 crisis. Read More

Screen Time

May 21, 2020

Asking a child to sit for an hour of family counseling is one thing. Asking a child to pay attention to a virtual session, also known as a telehealth call, is quite another. Read More

Survival Mode

May 19, 2020

“Many of my clients were struggling before this pandemic,” Haley says. “Now they are really in survival mode. But this is exactly what PCHAS is here for: to get families through a crisis. In fact, we help them get through it and come out stronger." Read More

Delivering More Than a Meal

Apr 21, 2020

A free school lunch program is a lifesaver if you have three kids and money is tight, and Katie and Tyler Busken counted on it. When the COVID-19 quarantine closed schools, they knew they would make a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the rest of March. But no one could say how long the quarantine, or the household budget, would last. Read More

Watch: The Benefit of a Therapeutic Mentor

Jan 23, 2020

"She can just be herself and she loves it." Robert shares the impact having a therapeutic mentor has had on his daughter. Read More

The Turning Point

Jan 16, 2020

In September a therapeutic mentor entered the picture. He was not involved in foster care or adoption and focused on just Donny – his schoolwork, his relationships, his fears and his goals. Read More