Foster Care and Adoption

Hispanic Heritage Month: Honoring Culture in Foster Care & Adoption

Oct 06, 2021

September 15th to October 15th marks the celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month, a time to honor Hispanic culture, history and traditions. In Texas, approximately 40% of the children in foster care are Hispanic, yet many are living with families who are not of Hispanic descent. Read More

Preparing Kids Already in the Home for an Adoption

Sep 28, 2021

PCHAS Program Directors Michelle Hoevker and Adam Crawford spoke with Creating A Family Host and Executive Director Dawn Davenport about preparing kids already in the home for an adoption. Read More

What You Need to Know Before Adopting

Sep 23, 2021

More than 2,700 children in Texas are waiting to be adopted. They need families who are willing to put their hearts and be family for kids who need one. If you’ve ever thought about adopting, you probably have many questions. We made this short list of What You Need to Know Before Adopting just for you. Read More

What You Need to Know Before Fostering

Sep 16, 2021

​Katie, a PCHAS​ Foster Mom, recently shared these words of wisdom: “Fostering is a wonderful, but challenging journey. It’s important to be prepared rather than surprised.” We couldn’t agree more. In the spirit of preparation, we’ve created a list of What You Need to Know Before Fostering. Read More

Neglect: The Unseen Face of Foster Care

Sep 09, 2021

The media often depicts children entering foster care as bruised and battered victims needing rescue from an abusive parent. While those situations are real and tragic, the harm most children entering foster care have experienced is rarely visible. That’s because neglect is the most common cause for the removal of children from their parents. Last year, 79% of confirmed child abuse or neglect allegations in Texas were for a type of neglect. Read More

Advice from Single Foster Parents

Sep 02, 2021

At PCHAS, we’re honored to work with couples and singles that choose to be family for children who need one. Seeing kids heal and grow is incredibly rewarding, but fostering can be challenging, too. So, we asked two of our single foster parents to share advice about what has helped them thrive as they do it on their own. And spoiler alert: they aren’t truly alone.  Read More