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After School Mentor

This program provides mental health services for children, families and groups, and refers them to other services when needed

The prevalence and severity of youth mental health issues is on the rise. One in five adults in the U.S. has a mental health concern, which is over 40 million people. There are many benefits of speaking to a counselor before things get out of control. That's where PCHAS steps in.

Licensed professionals provide individual, family and group mental health services for the community through an outpatient clinic. Counseling provides the opportunity to process emotions related to life events and other stressors. It is available for clients with private insurance or Medicaid insurance.

In community counseling:

  • Counselors validate a person’s emotions and assist them in creating healthy coping skills and self-regulating techniques.
  • Individuals learn how to develop healthy boundaries and relationships, and to identify negative or illogical thinking that contributes to feelings of hopelessness.
  • Adults and children develop a more positive outlook on their life and gain hope for a brighter future with guidance from a trusted, unbiased resource.

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