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Play Therapy is Serious Work

Jul 09, 2020

​An adult reaches into her backpack, pulls a sock onto her hand and says, “My puppet wonders why your puppet is sad today.” This sounds like child’s play, explains Christina Helm, MA, but it is truly serious work. Read More

Foster Kids “Zoom” Ahead with Tutors

Jun 24, 2020

The education team began tutoring virtually, using Zoom, in April. “That allowed our team to stay connected with each student and their academic needs during a challenging time,” Jordan reports. Read More

#WeAllCare: Volunteering in the Time of COVID-19

Jun 10, 2020

Many PCHAS clients, because of their losses, do not have a strong support network. Their connections with volunteers are valuable. As PCHAS’ manager of volunteers, Jennifer wondered how to help families through the stress of social isolation. So, she and her staff organized a “care letter” project via email. Read More

Stay at Home Guide

May 21, 2020

“This is a stressful time,” Gillespie says. “Parents may be worried about their income and children pick up on that. But children under six need a lot of attention, so the guide has tips for reducing stress and building a better bond between parent and child.” Read More

PCHAS Leads Daycare Support Task Force

May 07, 2020

“Local daycare centers are the key to preparing our children in this community,” says PCHAS’ Growing Together Program Director Rachel Gillespie. “So we put together a Daycare Support Task Force and approached several funders about financial assistance.” Read More

Working in the Field During the COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 23, 2020

PCHAS Regional Director Pam Crawford shares what it's like to be a social worker caring for children and families during the COVID-19 crisis. Read More