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The Choice

Aug 01, 2020

Down the hall, Demetria explained her dilemma to a stranger in the waiting room. The stranger said, “You might have to give up custody of your daughter in order to keep your son.” Just like that. As if a mother could choose between her children. Read More

Family Heals After Losing Dad

Jul 16, 2020

​Marian never imagined she’d be a widow at 37. She never wanted to be a single mom. But when her husband died last autumn, she faced raising a teenager and two younger children on her own. Read More

Play Therapy is Serious Work

Jul 09, 2020

​An adult reaches into her backpack, pulls a sock onto her hand and says, “My puppet wonders why your puppet is sad today.” This sounds like child’s play, explains Christina Helm, MA, but it is truly serious work. Read More

One Little Boy. Half a Heart. Two Mothers.

Jun 30, 2020

When Joseph was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, his teenage mother was not prepared to care for a baby with a severe heart defect. She wanted to, and she tried, but she could not handle his medical needs. That's when PCHAS foster parents stepped in. Read More

Foster Kids “Zoom” Ahead with Tutors

Jun 24, 2020

The education team began tutoring virtually, using Zoom, in April. “That allowed our team to stay connected with each student and their academic needs during a challenging time,” Jordan reports. Read More

Father Learns to Cherish Being a Dad

Jun 18, 2020

Single dad John was angry, scared, exhausted and alone when he met PCHAS Child and Family Specialist Denise Williams. Read More