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PCHAS Couple Named Texas Foster Parents of the Year

Sep 21, 2018

​It’s no surprise, once you get to know them, that Carol and Larry Green are foster parents. What is surprising is that the Wichita Falls couple have cared for 71 children in their home, and continue to care for children in need today. Though they have exceeded the age when most consider caring for children full-time (that Carol is 68 and Larry is 80), the Greens continue to feel called to make a difference and maintain their licensing to foster through PCHAS. Because of their dedication and unending love for the children that come into their home, the Greens have been named Foster Parents of the Year in Texas. Read More

Reaping the Benefits

Sep 14, 2018

When the Single Parent Family Program in Waxahachie grew a garden over the summer, families on the PCHAS campus reaped more than fruits and vegetables. Read More

How to Talk with Teens About Suicide

Sep 10, 2018

​“It is very common for clients to tell us that no one has ever asked if they were considering suicide, even when they had been crying out for help through their behavior,” says Susan Metzger. A licensed professional counselor, Metzger works with troubled teens at Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ residential treatment center in Farmington, Missouri. Read More

Join Us for the 2018 St. Louis Luncheon

Nov 01, 2018

Join us Thursday, November 1 for our annual St. Louis Luncheon. Read More

PCHAS Volunteer to Ride 1,000 Miles for PCHAS

Sep 06, 2018

Last year, PCHAS volunteer and cyclist Rick Presser set out to conquer “Ride Across Texas,” a bike ride from Tucumcari, New Mexico to Texarkana, Texas with one mission: to raise money and awareness for foster children in PCHAS’ care. This year, he's at it again. Read More

Join Us for the 2018 North Texas Luncheon

Oct 30, 2018

Join us Tuesday, October 30 for our North Texas Luncheon. Read More

Connecting for Hope

Sep 05, 2018

“Mom, I really feel like our family is changing.” Thirteen-year-old Natalie stated this on day three of our Connect for Hope Camp. Read More