Foster Care and Adoption

"Mama Elaine"

Feb 27, 2024

“I’m single, and I knew I wouldn’t have a huge family, but I still wanted to make an impact for a kid.” Read about how "Mama Elaine" gathered the village of support she needed so she could make a difference in the life of a kid in foster care. Read More

Connection Is Key

Feb 17, 2024

“Support will keep you going. Support keeps you, well... supported. I suppose you can do it without support, but you will lose passion, feel isolated, and want to give up.” Read More

Resources and Supports for Foster and Adoptive Families

Feb 16, 2024

It's important for foster and adoptive families to have opportunities to connect with other families, so we've compiled resources and supports you may find helpful. Read More

10 Ways to Support Foster Families

Feb 15, 2024

Successful foster families have a healthy support system. Here are 10 ways you can support foster families you know. Read More

Race and Foster Care in 2024

Feb 13, 2024

We believe in preventing abuse and neglect, restoring families, and ensuring every child experiences the love of family. A child’s skin color shouldn’t predict ruptured relationships and shouldn’t disconnect them from their story. Read More

TBRI® In Action

Feb 08, 2024

Children don't come with a manual, especially when they’ve experienced early trauma. But, Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI®) gives parents a guide to help kids heal. PCHAS weaves the Empowering, Connecting and Correcting principles into everything we do. Read More