Foster Care and Adoption

We Want to Adopt. Should We Foster First?

Nov 28, 2022

Why do some families foster first? How does a family know which route is best? Read More

Foster, Adopt or Support Those Who Do

Nov 17, 2022

“I wanted to love kids and give them a safe place. I’ve always done that for anyone in need. Foster care just made it an official process.” Read More

It’s All About Relationships

Nov 09, 2022

Jeff took a leap of faith three years ago and attended a Foster Care & Adoption Event at PCHAS​. He was almost 45 years old and single, but he knew he wanted to be a dad, and adoption was the route he wanted to take. Read More

Putting In The Effort

Oct 28, 2022

Early in 2020, before COVID changed the world, Jon and Maizeanne became foster and adoptive parents with PCHAS. The following month a boy joined their family. Read More

The Support of Family

Sep 28, 2022

Misty and Daniel had full lives when they married; her adult children and grandchildren and his nieces and nephews gave them an instant family. Read More