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Often, it is in the best interest of a child to be placed with a relative in what is commonly called “kinship care.”

When a child can no longer live at home, a relative or family friend may be asked to become the child’s caregiver. We help families through the process of becoming licensed care providers. By becoming a licensed family, you will receive financial assistance, training and support from our expert staff. In addition, children who are placed in licensed homes qualify for a variety of state services and assistance.

Benefits of kinship care include:
  • Children are placed in a familiar setting with a relative who already knows and loves them
  • Children maintain their cultural identity
  • Family traditions are preserved
  • Children are able to build healthy relationships within their extended family
  • Family-related foster parents provide the child with a feeling of stability

Sometimes, kinship families are able to adopt the children that come into their care. To learn more about our post-adoption services

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