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The PCHAS Promise

Your Family Comes First

Smaller workloads keep our staff accessible for your family and give you access to the experts you need 24/7.

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We care about you and design support and resources that make sense for your family.

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Our families are prepared for their role and the growth we see in the lives of kids proves it.

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How It All Works

When Child Protective Services (CPS) identifies concerns and a judge determines that it is not safe for children to remain in their home, agencies like PCHAS are called upon to provide Foster Care. Foster Care is intended to be temporary, so every child is provided a team of professionals that work swiftly to ensure their safety and wellbeing and support the court in finding the best possible permanent outcome.

Foster Families are part of this team and provide children with safe, loving, nurturing care when they have to be away from their birth family.

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While their children are in foster care, the birth family will be working to make their home and family environment safe so that the children can return. This process is called Reunification and it is the initial plan for every child. The court aims to reach this goal within 12 months.

Keeping children connected to their story is a high priority, so the team is also continually trying to find placement options with family or close friends. These people are called Kinship Caregivers.

Foster Families focus on providing children with as much Normalcy as possible. That means sharing family meals, holidays and celebrations, participating in extracurricular activities, interacting with teachers at the local school, taking kids to appointments, going to church, and everything else that families do.

Foster Families also take children for supervised Visitation with their birth family. These visits are vital to helping children maintain connection with their birth family and offer Foster Families great opportunities to show respect for the whole family and to learn more about the children and their story.

While it’s never easy for a child to leave, Foster Families and PCHAS staff celebrate when birth families are restored and children are able to return home.

When this is not possible, the court often terminates the parental rights of their birth family. We grieve when a child’s story will contain yet another loss. Only then do we begin to focus on other options, like Adoption, to provide permanency for children. Adoption is a commitment that parents make with children, joining their stories for the rest of their lives.

When children become legally available for adoption, their foster family will almost always be the first considered. This is what is commonly referred to as Foster-to-Adopt. There are some children that become legally available for adoption for whom a forever family still needs to be identified. The team continues working until they find a family that is best able to meet the children’s needs through a Matched Adoption.

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Whether a child needs you for a short time, or forever, you’ll always be in each other’s story.

You Can Be Family For Children Who Need One.

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The PCHAS Difference

Making sure kids are safe and feel loved is important to you. We’re excited that you’re taking the next step to foster or adopt. Now you’ve got to pick an agency you can trust. This is a big decision. We understand that, and the future of your family matters to us, too. That’s why we’ll customize a plan to support and care for your family and you’ll have access to the experts you need 24/7.

We’re eager to connect. Don’t miss out on being the family that kids need.
You can be family for children who need one.


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What else do I need to know?

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Why should I choose PCHAS?

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