From Empty Nest to Full House

Nov 04, 2019 - Success Stories


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Tisha was looking forward to an empty nest. After 12 years as a divorced mom, she had married again. Her third child was a high school senior and her new husband had no children. Life looked full of new opportunities, but calmer. More relaxed.

When Tisha and Bryce Moore married in 2015, they intended to spend a few years by themselves. Instead, they kept seeing signs pointing them to become foster parents immediately. PCHAS licensed them and placed two siblings in their home. The Moores became so attached that they started the adoption process, but a judge returned the children to their biological family. Painfully disappointed, Tisha held on to her faith, saying, “We have prayed that God would be in control and we have to believe He still is.”

A month later, a case manager called about a different pair of siblings, whose mother was going through great lengths to regain custody. Could they foster four-year-old Travon and three-year-old Terrance? And could the boys see their baby brother on a regular basis? Yes and yes.

“Everyone expected them to be returned to their birth parents,” Tisha explains. She and her family tried to guard their hearts against loving the little boys, “but God placed our boys with us and gave us the complete conviction and peace that they were ours and we would love them for the rest of our lives.” Her adult daughter, Jordan, describes her little brothers as having “so much joy, appreciation and incredible energy that you can’t help but soak it in.” Soon the children grew to love to their foster parents and foster siblings. 

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Six months in, the Moores inquired about fostering baby Tre, and celebrated his second birthday together. By summer the empty nest had three children under five. “We took our son to college & rushed home the same day to go to kindergarten orientation. It seemed crazy to many but a complete blessing to us,” Tisha says. The only drawback was that foster care is temporary.

In October of last year, the boys’ birth mother decided to yield her rights. PCHAS staff guided the Moores through the required waiting period and their poignant adoption day. “As we rejoiced in the opportunity to be a permanent family to our boys,” Tisha recalls, “we saw heartbreak in the eyes of their biological mom the day all rights were signed away. We never questioned her love and will never forget to remind the boys they were loved by all.” 

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Tisha continues to work as a managing partner of a dry-cleaning business. Bryce is associate director of field operations for Texas Farm Bureau. They say their faith has helped them on the path to a blended family and made them passionate about foster care. Paraphrasing Scripture, Tisha says, “God makes all things beautiful in time. I believe the time to make foster care beautiful is now.” 


Adults considering foster care and birth mothers considering an adoption plan may contact us online or call 800-888-1904 for information. 

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