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Nov 13, 2023 - In the News, Foster Care and Adoption


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Each family has a different reason for why they adopt or foster. For Jennifer and William, starting their family together was not easy. They were sharing with a friend at church who is a foster parent, and she encouraged them to investigate fostering. They took her advice and became verified in 2013. They enjoyed the experience so much that when they moved to a different part of Texas about five years ago, they wanted to continue. They contacted PCHAS and worked with the agency to complete the steps necessary to transfer their verification.

Fostering is a journey, and it is full of twists, turns and surprises. Jennifer and William should know; they have become family for more than twenty children in the last ten years. Even though they are experienced, every journey is different.

Four times, the couple has been pleasantly surprised with the opportunity to adopt kids in their care. They adopted Autumn and Riley when the girls were young. The sisters are now eight and ten, and the parents say their adoption reinforced that they have been family since the start.

When they adopted Teresa in 2020, she was fifteen years old. To celebrate her adoption day, Teresa wanted to dress up and make the moment memorable. Her CASA Volunteer even let her choose a place for a celebratory lunch and paid for the meal.

Their oldest daughter planned to emancipate from foster care (age-out) when she turned eighteen. But one day, she told Jennifer her fears about that plan and asked if she and William would consider adopting her. They emphatically agreed and completed her adoption in 2022 about nine months before her eighteenth birthday. They celebrated with a party fit just for her.

Larrice Floyd has been their PCHAS Case Manager the entire time. William and Jennifer credit their relationship with her as a key reason for their tenure as foster parents. They especially appreciate how Larrice keeps an open line of communication with them, and they know she values them as parents. The feeling is mutual! Larrice describes William and Jennifer as kind and down-to-earth, and she loves that they both have a great sense of humor. “I thoroughly enjoy my home visits with this family,” says Larrice, and she looks forward to spending time with their family.

Jennifer and William’s journey started because a friend encouraged them to explore foster care and adoption. Could adoption or foster care be in your future? PCHAS Foster Care & Adoption Guides are ready to connect with you. Call 281-324-0544, email, or Join An Online Info Session to learn more. 

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