10 Things You Should Know About Matched Adoption

Aug 12, 2021 - In the News, Foster Care and Adoption


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There are different ways that families grow and different types of adoption. When families want to adopt children in the foster care system who are waiting for a forever family, we call this a matched adoption. If you’re thinking about matched adoption, here’s our list of 10 Things You Should Know About Matched Adoption:

1. Children in the CPS system don’t immediately become available for adoption. When children enter foster care, their families are offered a reunification plan with a goal for children to return home within 12 months. If you haven’t already, take a quick look at our articles on 10 Things You Should Know About Foster Care and 10 Things You Should Know About Foster-To-Adopt.

2. When children become legally available for adoption, their foster family will almost always be the first considered. This is what is commonly referred to as foster-to-adopt.

3. There are some children who become legally available for adoption for whom a forever family still needs to be identified. Most often, these children are:

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4. The child’s (or children’s) team works to find a family who is best able to meet their needs through a matched adoption. When the placement is for a group a siblings, they consider the needs of all the children.

5. There are many steps that take place in the background of the matching process. Professionals on the team will review home study assessments and hear from child-placing agency staff, like PCHAS. As your agency, we’ll be your advocate and your voice. Sometimes this process is called straight adoption, but that incorrectly implies this process is direct and simple, so we prefer the term matched adoption.

6. When it appears a match has been made, the family will review the children’s case records and meet with team members to learn as much as possible about the children. Before any introductions are made, families are expected to make a firm commitment, in their heart.

7. Once the family feels confident to proceed, workers will introduce the children to their adoptive family through pictures and prepare them for adoption.

8. When everyone is ready, the family meets in person through supported and supervised pre-placement visits. These visits aren’t an audition, they are designed to offer an opportunity for children and parents to get to know each other and talk through their thoughts and feelings about the new relationship. The children remain in their foster home during this time of transition while communication increases and everyone is preparing for the adoptive placement.

9. At adoptive placement, children move into the home and the family commits themselves to love, care and protect the children for the rest of their lives.

10. PCHAS works hard to provide great care for your family and ensure you’re well equipped for the lifelong journey of adoption. Adoption is a commitment parents make with children, joining their stories for the rest of their lives. We’ll walk closely with your family for at least six months before you’ll be able to petition the court to finalize the adoption.

More than 2,700 Texas children are waiting to be matched with an adoptive family. If you have questions about adoption, call 281-324-0544 or email to connect with a Foster Care & Adoption Guide. We’ll make sure you get the honest answers you deserve.

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