The Gift of Normalcy

Jun 17, 2021 - In the News, Foster Care and Adoption


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Take a moment to think about your fondest childhood memories. Summer vacations with family, going to camp for the first time, or celebrating Holiday traditions may come to mind. Or, maybe you remember after-school activities, youth group or learning something new from a parent.  

Everyone deserves a childhood full of memories. At PCHAS, we ensure children in foster care have these opportunities, too. We don’t only train foster parents on the rules of foster care; we prepare them to be a loving and nurturing family and remind them that one of the most important things they can do is provide “normalcy.” 

The restrictions of foster care can make a child feel disconnected, if we allow it. Focusing on normalcy combats this by providing children in foster care with opportunities to do things other children their age would normally do. In other words, we want kids to be kids. We want them to play in the band or join a sports team. We want them to have sleepovers and birthday parties. We want them to be included in family traditions and trips. 

Christine Dinh, a PCHAS Foster Care & Adoption Case Manager in Houston, shared how families are seeing kids benefit from getting out of the house (now that it is safer to do so) and doing things like visiting the beach. As normal, fun activities return, kids are thriving. Visits with grandparents and other relatives are playing a huge role, too. The undivided attention of doting grandparents, in-person, has been meaningful for everyone in the family. 

Kids in foster care need families that are committed to helping them build lifelong memories. Right now, there is a shortage of foster families in Texas, so if this sounds like you, we want to get to know you. Connect with a Foster Care & Adoption Guide at 281-324-0544 or today! 

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