How Do Families Pick a Foster Care & Adoption Agency?

Jan 20, 2021 - In the News, Foster Care and Adoption


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Your story is probably similar to the one we hear from a lot of families. Something sparked your interest in foster care and adoption; you did some research online and talked with people you trust. Now you’re feeling ready to choose an agency and take a first step, but you’re not really sure how to decide.

There is a huge need for foster and adoptive families in the communities we serve, but we’re not trying to sell you on the idea of fostering or adopting, or PCHAS. You deserve to have the support of an agency you can trust and our goal is to empower you with honest information so that you can make the best decisions for your family.

There are a lot of regulations you have to follow, which means your agency will be very involved in your family’s life. Their job is to help you with all the details so you can focus on making sure kids feel safe and loved. In order to start getting comfortable with an organization, here are a few questions we’ve been asked by families. We’d encourage you to ask them of any agencies you’re considering.

•     How will we be supported as a Foster and Adoptive Family?

•     What’s the difference between Foster Care and Adoption? Do you license for both?

•     How long does it take to become licensed?

•     What kind of training for families do you offer?

•     Are you a faith-based agency? Do you have to be a member of a specific denomination?

•     Will it cost us anything to become licensed?

•     What makes you different from other Foster Care & Adoption agencies?

Believe it or not, this is likely just the beginning of many questions you’ll be asking and we hope this list helps you get started. Choosing an agency is a personal decision, and the partnership you forge will have a big impact on your family. Remember, you are the expert on your family. Be confident in your decision.

The future of your family matters to us and our Foster Care & Adoption Guides are here for you. Not ready to make the call? Join us for a Foster Care & Adoption Online Info Session to learn more.

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