How to Get Started with Foster Care & Adoption

Jan 07, 2021 - Foster Care and Adoption


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So you’re thinking about fostering or adopting. There’s a huge need and you likely feel excited about what the future of your family may hold. But, you’re not alone if you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. You need clear information, which is why our team at PCHAS is committed to making sure you get the honest answers you deserve. Here are three important first steps you can take whether you’re thinking about fostering or adopting, supporting friends or family that do, or becoming an advocate in your community. 

Step One: Gather Information

You’ll want to begin by seeking information about foster care and adoption. It’s critical to understand how children enter foster care, how trauma affects them, and why the system strives to reunite children with their biological family. The needs in your community may surprise you, so you’ll want to keep an open mind. On your journey, you’ll also want to be open to new perspectives: search for stories from the perspective of children who have experienced foster care and adoption, listen for the voices of birth families, and connect with families in your community who are already fostering or adopting.  

Feeling overwhelmed? Start with a Foster Care & Adoption Online Info Session. We’ve created a one-hour virtual session to walk you through a basic understanding of how the foster care system works and what happens next. Click Here to see the upcoming dates!

Step Two: Ask Questions 

Seeking information is important, but it’s just as important to ask questions of yourself and your family such as:  

  • What is motivating me to foster or adopt? 
  • Is it the right time? 
  • Are my family and friends willing to support me?  
  • Am I making the right decisions for my family?

Understanding your motivation is essential. It’s a great way to help you know what role you should play and when to begin. You may decide that you’re ready to become a foster or adoptive parent or to support birth families or families that are already fostering or adopting. 

As you begin asking all of these important questions, our Foster Care & Adoption Guides are here to help. No pressure, no judgment – just a guide you can trust. 

Step Three: Choose an Agency 

When you decide to foster and adopt, you need an agency you can trust to handle the details. The agency you choose becomes your family’s advocate every step of the way, so it’s important to find an agency that shares your values, communicates openly, and works with integrity. We encourage you to call around and get to know different agencies in your area.  

We would love to connect with you if you live near Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, Itasca or Wichita Falls. We hope you’ll contact a PCHAS Foster Care & Adoption Guide at 512-212-5700 or send us an email at  

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