Foster Kids “Zoom” Ahead with Tutors

Jun 24, 2020 - In the News


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Only about half of children who have been in foster care will earn a high school diploma by age 19. Those who live with numerous foster families and change schools often are likely to fall behind academically. Gayle Jordan, M.Ed., directs education services for PCHAS and finds that tutoring can make a large impact on school performance.

“One young lady decided she was going to buckle down this past year and she soared right into the sky,” Jordan says. “She improved in math by eight grade levels! We are extremely proud of her and celebrate all that she learned, not just about math but also about herself.”

Jordan works at our Foster Care Village in Itasca, Texas. The campus is home to about 20 children who live with foster families and receive constant support from PCHAS staff. Quoting the PCHAS mission to provide care and support to children in need, she explains, “One way that we support these children is through a weekly tutoring program. We have a team of three tutors, two of whom are veteran educators with special education certifications. The team assesses the children living with PCHAS at the start and end of each school year.”

Tutor Linda Caldwell shared another recent success story: “One young man was particularly resistant to tutoring. I tried to make it fun by doing different things specifically for him and his interests, sometimes even having a favorite treat waiting for him upon his arrival. At the end of the year he’d jumped 2.5 grade levels in math. He was so proud of himself!”

The team began tutoring virtually, using Zoom, in April. “That allowed our team to stay connected with each student and their academic needs during a challenging time,” Jordan reports. “They were present with students as they worked through online programs for math, English and other subjects.”

This May, despite the disruption caused by COVID-19, children who received tutoring from PCHAS increased their reading skills by over 20% and their math skills by over 26%. This summer, PCHAS will  begin tutoring in the Foster Care Village to address any academic shortfalls caused by last semester’s distance learning arrangements with the children’s schools.


Our Foster Care Village in Itasca, Texas offers a unique experience for families to foster within a small community of other fostering families. Parents are provided a home designed for six children. Rent and utilities are waived. If you’re looking for a full and vibrant family life, please contact Andrew Rogers at 254-701-8239 or

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