Itasca Foster Care Village


Welcome to our Foster Care Village in Itasca, TX! Our campus, which features six foster homes, includes unique benefits for foster parents and youth in the Foster Care Program.

Children and youth enjoy numerous amenities such as the activity center, swimming pool, gymnasium, weight room, basketball/tennis courts, prayer garden and frisbee golf course.

Foster parents benefit from spacious homes with reduced or free rent, complimentary lawn care, utilities and internet. Monthly PCHAS overnight caregivers are provided to foster parents. The Village has a village life coordinator who coordinates special events for the foster families and children living in the Village. Extra school supplies and Christmas gifts are donated by PCHAS Caring Congregations.

Discover our caring community at PCHAS’ Foster Care Village!

Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services’ Foster Care Village features six foster care homes where children and youth receive healing and comfort. Children and youth living on campus attend public schools and enjoy numerous opportunities for fun and growth. The campus features several amenities and campus staff are available for after school tutoring, college and vocational preparation, special activities and up to 72 hours per month of respite care.

Become a Foster Parent

Caring, trained foster parents provide home cooked meals, love and structure, and support children in their studies, extracurricular activities and working through daily issues. Foster Parents provide a loving home to five children (including their own biological or adopted children).

Following our philosophy of care, foster parents seek to serve like Jesus, focusing on each child’s strengths over challenges, and on their futures rather than their pasts. Foster parents support each child in creating a unique academic/life plan, often in conjunction with their birth families. If that plan includes playing basketball or getting a part-time job, foster parents help the children and youth in their homes achieve those goals. Foster parents participate in church and spiritual activities with their whole families.

For more information about being a foster parent at our Itasca Foster Care Village, click here.

Experience true care and support!

Counseling is made available for all children and youth living on our campus, as most have been deeply wounded physically, emotionally or both. Children and youth also benefit from campus staff with expertise in education, and preparing for life beyond foster care. Professional tutors are made available at no charge and help children catch up academically who have fallen behind their peers. We help children and youth accept and deal with the very real limitations of their sometimes dysfunctional families and find a healthy way to relate to them.

Services for youth when they have graduated from foster care:

The Advanced Education Program begins when youth turn 17 or enroll in the 11th grade. An advanced education specialist helps youth prepare academically, apply to college, embrace the freedom and responsibilities of college life, and adjust to the rigors of college level academics. For more information, please call 800.888.1904.

The Transitional Living Program helps youth make a successful transition to independent living, which may also include a full or part time job, vocational training, junior college courses, or a combination of all three. The Transitional Living Program serves former foster care youth ages 18 to 25 and is located on PCHAS Waxahachie campus. For more information, please call 800.888.1904.

Services for former residents of our Itasca and Waxahachie Group Home Programs:

For many years, PCHAS operated Group Homes for youth. If you are a former resident of PCHAS’ Itasca or Waxahachie group home campuses, you may update your contact information here. We are praying for you and remain available through our After Care Program to assist you. For more information, please call 800.888.1904.

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