Building Strong Family Attachments-A Foundation for Healthy Development and Educational Success

Jul 15, 2024 - In the News


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At Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services, we support families in securing attachments through our Growing Together program. Strong family attachments are essential for early childhood development, laying the groundwork for a nurturing environment where children can thrive emotionally, socially, and academically.

The Power of Secure Attachments
Secure attachment bonds between parents and children play a pivotal role in a child’s early development. These bonds are formed when caregivers consistently respond to their child’s needs, creating a sense of trust and security. Research indicates that children with secure attachments are likelier to develop healthy relationships, exhibit emotional stability, and succeed academically (PubMed).

 Benefits of Strong Family Attachments

 1. Early Childhood Development: Secure attachments are crucial for a child’s emotional and social development. Children learn to regulate emotions, develop empathy, and engage positively with peers.
2. Nurturing Environment: A nurturing environment created through strong family dynamics supports cognitive growth. Children feel safe to explore, learn, and develop critical thinking skills.
3. Parent-Child Relationship: A positive parent-child relationship fosters a supportive atmosphere that encourages learning and curiosity. Children with solid attachments are more resilient and better equipped to handle stress.

How Growing Together Supports Families
Our Growing Together program offers various resources and support to help families build and maintain strong attachment bonds:

Parenting Workshops: We provide educational workshops that teach parents about the importance of secure attachments and effective parenting strategies.

Support Groups: These groups offer a platform for parents to share experiences, seek advice, and find community support.

In-Home Visits: Personalized guidance from our trained staff helps families create a nurturing home environment conducive to solid attachments.

Building strong family attachments early on is vital for a child’s development and educational success. At Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services, our Growing Together program is dedicated to supporting families in this essential endeavor. By fostering secure attachment bonds, we can ensure every child has the foundation they need to flourish.

For more information on the importance of early attachments and our Growing Together program, visit our website.


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