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Jul 26, 2023 - Foster Care and Adoption


Houston Client Speaker Jon Henson Ed Sm

by Jon Henson

Before we got married, my wife and I both wanted our family to grow through having a child and adopting a child. I was adopted from South Korea at four months old and Mazieanne had always had a heart for other cultures and children in need of a loving home. We had been unable to have a child for a few years and felt that was part of our sign to move forward with adoption. So we talked to multiple international agencies, but nothing seemed to be the right fit, for a number of reasons.

Nearly four years ago Mazieanne went on a “girls” trip. While she was gone, I felt the tug to care for and love a child in our own city. I waited until my wife got home and we went to church. Then I told her what was going on in my heart. Her response surprised me, as she said, “While I was praying in church I also felt that we should go through the foster care system, and I told God, you have to change Jon’s heart first.”

And if that wasn’t enough of God pointing us in that direction, I had a meeting already planned with Travis Jones to talk about church partnership. Because of that conversation, my wife and I became a PCHAS family. Our experience -- from the orientation, trainings, licensing, and then welcoming a child -- was more than we ever thought it would be.

Our process to adoption took a year and a half longer than it should have, due to administrative mishaps with the courts. And yet, in that hardship, God walked with us and provided PCHAS to guide us through it all. We honestly don’t know where we would be or how things would be if not for PCHAS. And, by God’s grace, we won’t have to know.

PCHAS supported us in becoming parents. PCHAS has been our support, our resource, our partner and family. We are forever grateful for PCHAS and pray for their continued ministry and mission to be a light in the midst of the darkness of the world.

Jon Henson is the lead pastor at The Gathering Church in Richmond, TX. He spoke at a PCHAS event last spring in Houston. If you’ve ever considered fostering or adopting, sign up for a free Online Info Session or Connect With Us to learn more.

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