The Right Type of Family

May 25, 2023 - Foster Care and Adoption


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We often hear from families interested in fostering or adopting but unsure if they “fit the right profile.” Good news: We’re not looking for a specific type of people!

This is what Rodney and Kelly thought when they reached out to PCHAS. They were in their mid-forties and had raised Rodney’s son, but they didn’t feel like they were done being parents. As they explored several options, including fertility treatment and infant adoption, foster care seemed like a better fit. Then they had to work through several questions and fears.

So, they did some research and found PCHAS. They attended an Online Info Session, asked questions and decided to start the licensing process. As they connected with staff, built relationships with other families and worked through the process, they got the answers they needed and grew in confidence.

Kelly and Rodney completed their verification in October 2021 and have already been able to foster three children. They’ve learned that taking a few days off work at the beginning of each placement is helpful and they’ve leaned on their family and friends for support.

Still, saying goodbye never gets any easier. When their second child left, Bliss Williams, PCHAS Foster Care and Adoption program director, told them, “If you’re not getting too attached, you’re doing it wrong.” The push-and-pull of loving and losing is hard, and it can be tempting to protect your heart from opening fully to children who may leave. Bliss’ words made a big impression on the family and fueled them to keep going. Now Kelly and Rodney know that they are strong, supported and able to navigate loss if it means children get the love they deserve. 

Serving others seems to come naturally for Kelly and Rodney. They enjoy getting to know other PCHAS families in their area, taking the initiative to reach out to new families, helping others find needed items and bringing meals. Rodney even connected with a first-time dad of a teenager to share insights and encourage the new dad from his own experience.

Rodney and Kelly appreciate how PCHAS supports and advocates for them. PCHAS appreciates how Rodney and Kelly serve kids and build community with other families. Maybe we do have a type: generous, servant-minded people willing to learn and try new things.

Are you our type? We want to meet you. Connect with a Foster Care & Adoption Guide or Join An Online Info Session.

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