Keeping Brothers and Sisters Together

May 25, 2023 - Foster Care and Adoption


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Brian and Shannon have been foster parents for the better part of a decade. During their first placement, they experienced the permanent separation of siblings. It broke their hearts. It also affirmed their belief that brothers and sisters should be together. They wanted to be part of the solution but lacked the space to make an impact.  

They learned about The Foster Care Village several years later. At The Village, foster families live in a community of large homes offering the space and support they need to thrive. In return, they agree to care for five or six children at a time (including minor children in their own family). It’s an ideal place to raise kids, foster families enjoy a supportive community, and there is space for siblings to remain together.  

Fostering at The Village put a fresh wind in Brian and Shannon’s sails, which means they been able to love on even more kids. And they show love to the children’s birth families by sharing pictures, communicating how the kids are doing, and rooting for their success. 

Shannon and Brian say the best part is “seeing how much you get to help someone. Seeing them feel safe with you and helping them throughout the journey.” It isn’t usually a short journey, but it’s worth it. Brian and Shannon were joyful as they discussed how far one particular child had come. The child’s improved self-image and self-worth are the evidence. 

As foster parents, Shannon and Brian have cared for 17 children. “We’re an active family,” they said, and they run a ministry that provides support for foster families. They enjoy being involved in their community, inside and outside of The Village, giving kids new experiences and serving others.  

Brian and Shannon are glad to have found The Village. The feeling is mutual. Connection is the heartbeat of PCHAS, and we are grateful for families like Brian and Shannon, who value relationships and live on a mission to serve children and families.  

Are you interested in learning about fostering? Do you think you might want to foster at The Village? Connect With Us or Join an Online Info Session to learn more. 

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