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Apr 27, 2023 - Foster Care and Adoption


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It’s incredible how reality is often sweeter than we could ever imagine. Still, the journey to the sweetest parts of life can include some unexpected twists and turns. That’s what Brian and Kat experienced as they started on their path to becoming parents.

They welcomed a son three years after marriage but struggled as they tried to add more kids to their family. Kat, a nurse, learned about a child needing a family, so the couple began discussing foster care and adoption. Brian and Kat learned about the need for families and God gave them the desire to help as many kids as possible.

That was a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. Still, they stayed the course and completed the verification process by September 2020. Two weeks later, they welcomed the first child into their family.

Since then, the couple cared for six more children needing a loving, nurturing foster family. And they were surprised when Kat became pregnant again.

The family has grown, adapted and learned to care and advocate for kids. It hasn’t always been easy, but they’ve learned to do things they didn’t know they could.

The pride in Kat’s voice is unmistakable as she talks about two children, in particular, who have benefited from a host of therapies and supports. One child couldn’t communicate verbally but is now meeting academic milestones and will graduate from speech therapy soon.

Another child, who had been in eight previous homes, has made tremendous progress with this family. They credit their success to consistency. Kat says that the child has a rare diagnosis and significant needs, but mainly was misunderstood. So, the family got creative and tried new things. They learned sign language, tried different therapies and decided to do whatever might benefit the little one. And it’s working!

The family has worked with many birth families, too. Kat enjoys encouraging birth parents to work on their service plan, and she’s happy to share pictures, give updates and pray with them. They have a strong relationship with the family of one child who reunited with a relative. They take him to church and he usually spends one night of the week at their home. This offers a break for the relative and allows Brian and Kat to remain a part of his life.

More than anything, Kat said, “We want to love people and encourage them.” Their actions speak even louder than their words. The result is a life full of adventure and a loving household full of children. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

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