11 Reasons Families Love PCHAS

Feb 16, 2023 - Foster Care and Adoption


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At PCHAS, we’re all-in for the children and families we serve, but that doesn’t mean the work is easy. It puts wind in our sails when we get love from those we serve and we want to share with you some of the kind words we’ve heard about our amazing team.

“Our case manager is amazing. She has always been there for us and is a blessing. …she’s a part of our family and has been our rock.”

“I felt seen and heard. My Home Developer saw how my life experiences would help me see and meet the needs of kids with a history of trauma.”

“We loved the training and getting to know the other families going through the process at the same time.”

“Our PCHAS Case Manager was amazing. She was incredibly supportive and never judgmental. We had long conversations, and she gave good, calm suggestions on how to handle things when I felt out of depth.”

“We didn’t feel lost in the mix; PCHAS cares about our family.”

“They are the most caring, supportive people we could’ve asked for. Our case manager was awesome. She has this huge heart. She cares so deeply about the girls.”

“We felt supported by PCHAS throughout the process, and we could see the hand of God in everything we were doing. And the mission of PCHAS aligned with our family’s values.”

“PCHAS is very responsive and supportive!”

“Our case manager helped us through so much and kept us informed.”

"I love that we are never pressured into saying yes. PCHAS only calls about children they feel would be a good fit for our family. I love that they listen to our concerns, support us, and advocate with us for the children."

“Foster care can seem overwhelming, but it’s not scary.…not with the help of PCHAS.”

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting and looking for an agency with heart, Connect With Us at 512-212-5700 or or Join An Online Info Session to learn more.

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