Virtual Therapy

Jan 01, 2023 - Mental Health & Wellness


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PCHAS offers virtual counseling, when appropriate, for residents of Missouri and Texas.

Virtual counseling sessions usually last around 45 minutes. Though you will be able to participate from a location convenient for you, we encourage you to ensure there are no interruptions. It is also good to block a little time before and after so you do not feel hurried.

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You can join your session on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone. You will need to have a working camera, microphone and speakers. If you are using a tablet or phone, it is best to have a stand or way to hold the device steady at a comfortable distance.

Your space will need to be quiet, confidential and free of distractions. Our counselors cannot meet with you if you are in a public place like an office cubicle or coffee shop or if other people are present. You need to be able to talk openly, and others should not be able to hear what you or your counselor say during the session.

If you have questions or want to know more about working with a therapist, Schedule An Appointment or call (833) 208-3201 for a free consultation.

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