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Nov 17, 2022 - Foster Care and Adoption


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“I always knew that no matter what I was going to be when I grew up, I was going to be a mom,” says Paxton. She and her husband, Jonathan, were young, but they had been married for a couple of years and felt God placing it on their hearts to take care of children. So, when they saw a post on social media about a Foster Care & Adoption Information Meeting in their small town, making plans to attend was a no-brainer. Paxton said, “I wanted to love kids and give them a safe place. I’ve always done that for anyone in need. Foster care just made it an official process.”

Jonathan and Paxton worked hard to complete the verification process with PCHAS and saw the need first-hand only two days after becoming foster parents when they welcomed two little girls into their family. They would be the first of seventeen children to enter their home.

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The goal of foster care is reunification; the hope is that the children’s parents will be able to make their home and family safe so the kids can return. There are many unknowns for foster parents like Paxton and Jonathan. Paxton says she found hope by seeing how kids and their families grew.  She shared, “you get to look back at all the hard days and realize how far those babies have come or how far you have come as a foster parent. [Sometimes you also get to see] how far the biological parents have come.”

The family also finds hope in their faith. “We continue to pray for God’s will, no matter what that may be.” For five of their seventeen kids, the plan became adoption. In less than three years, Paxton and Jonathan not only fostered almost twenty children; they adopted two sisters, a boy and two more sisters. And, they added a biological daughter who is their youngest.

Choosing to attend the Foster Care & Adoption Information Meeting has changed Jonathan and Paxton’s life in every way, but they wouldn’t change a thing. “PCHAS has been amazing,” Paxton said, “Katlyn was perfection! She helped us through so much and kept us as informed as she was.”

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For families thinking about fostering or adopting, the family says, “Do it! It’s scary… but it is the most rewarding experience for you and those babies (or all ages)!” Paxton added one last word of encouragement, “You are needed. Even if you can’t be a foster parent, reach out to foster parents near you! Pray for them and just love them! “

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