3 Things You Should Know About Maternity Services

Nov 04, 2021 - In the News


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What is Maternity Services?

PCHAS’ Maternity Services team provides a safe, non-judgmental support system for potential birth parents considering an adoption plan. A PCHAS adoption specialist helps break down the myths surrounding adoption and explains the legal process. We are able to offer financial support based on needs and help clients find medical care. We can also recommend other programs within PCHAS, if necessary, to help address other needs. Our adoption specialists help guide clients through the decision-making process and assist the birth mother in choosing an adoptive family that is the best option for the child. 

What kind of support does PCHAS offer? 

Our adoption specialists are available before, during and after an adoption. Counseling is offered the moment we are contacted. If the birth parents would like to discuss adoption, we will walk through that process with them. This journey to find a family is accompanied by counseling services provided to the birth parents and adoptive families. Our services are here to help birth parents understand that there are many options available, so at the end of the day they will be able to make an informed decision and identify what is important when selecting an adoptive family.

When birth parents make the decision to place their child, they will have access to profiles of families who have been screened carefully by PCHAS and they will have the opportunity to get to know these families.

What is openness in adoption?

Openness in adoption is when there is open communication between the birth parents and adoptive family. Openness can look different for every family, whether that is contact with the family and child through phone calls, visits, pictures, letters and/or videos. Though this varies from family to family, the ultimate goal is to keep everyone connected. Maternity clients are our priority, so once they have found an adoptive family they want to meet, they will have the opportunity to get to know them in meetings facilitated by our adoption specialists. We will be there to mediate and be there for our clients, as we will always advocate for the birth parent’s wishes, concerns and needs. We see this as the first step to begin exploring the type of open adoption the clients would like to pursue.

Pregnant? Considering adoption? We’re here to help. For more information regarding Maternity Services/Voluntary Adoption, connect with a Maternity and Adoption Specialist.

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