PCHAS Leads Daycare Support Task Force

May 07, 2020 - In the News


Daycare Task Force Header

As the COVID-19 crisis started affecting Navarro County, Texas, daycare centers there began to experience shortages of toilet paper, cleansers and paper towels. They had to comply with new requirements such as taking temperatures and restricting parents to the doorway. Soon the centers were only allowed to care for children of essential workers. Revenue and operating expenses quickly became a concern.

Knowing that these centers were vital community outposts of support for children and families, PCHAS staff assembled colorful care packages that included diaper wipes and household cleaners.

“Local daycare centers are the key to preparing our children in this community,” says PCHAS’ Growing Together Program Director Rachel Gillespie. “So we put together a Daycare Support Task Force and approached several funders about financial assistance.”

Thanks to these efforts by PCHAS on behalf of the community, an anonymous donor offered $25,000 to keep daycares running. By mid-April the Task Force invited daycares to apply for grants and based decisions on financial need and licensing capacity. This collaboration resulted in gifts to eight childcare centers and four in-home daycares to mitigate the economic impact of COVID-19 in Navarro County.

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