2019 Christmas Card Art

Dec 19, 2019 - In the News


Christmas Card Art Photo

The image that covered the front of our PCHAS Christmas card this year was drawn by sisters Chelsea (10) and Paige (7). The girls’ mom, Sheryl, like other parents in PCHAS’ Single Parent Family Program, needed a nurturing refuge for her children and herself as she worked to get back on her feet.

“I like that we have a home here that is comfortable. The employees at PCHAS help me, as a mother, establish routines and create stability for my daughters,” says Sheryl. “I’m able to focus on other areas of providing for them and building our future.”

The girls are waiting impatiently for Christmas to arrive. Chelsea’s favorite thing about Christmas is being with family, celebrating Jesus, and Santa coming. Paige is looking forward to being out of school and playing with new toys.

“We’re excited to spend the holiday together and make memories in our new home,” says Sheryl.

Today, Sheryl is progressing towards her goal of self-sufficiency. Like the weary but joyful family in this special nativity scene, her family is thriving thanks to the love and support of strangers who donate to PCHAS. This Christmas, please consider the children and families in our care who desperately need a safe place to heal and grow. We pray that you give what you can so that they may know the great love of that most holy night.


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