PCHAS Kids Benefit from H-E-B Shopping Spree

Dec 13, 2019 - In the News


Heb Shopping Spree Header

This year, South Texas-based grocery store H-E-B chose PCHAS to participate in their 2019 Christmas shopping spree for non-profits. PCHAS was one of three local non-profits chosen to have a child fill a grocery cart with as many toys as they could in 60 seconds. The toys were then donated to the agencies and shared with other clients. PCHAS invited Caleb, a young man who came to live at PCHAS with his older sister and mother, to participate.

Caleb and his family came to PCHAS because his mother was in a place in her life where she needed to start over and PCHAS offered services that made that possible for her family. After completing our Single Parent Family Program, Caleb’s mom was able to get back on her feet again and the family is now settled into a new home of their own. Caleb is now in sixth grade and his family is still connected with PCHAS through our Child and Family Program.

“I’m willing to do the shopping spree for PCHAS because PCHAS has done a lot for me,” Caleb says.

Heb Shopping Spree 1

When all was said and done, Caleb secured approximately $2,000 in toys for PCHAS. These gifts will make Christmas morning so much more special for the children in our care (not to mention some birthdays in the coming new year). He also got to pick a few for himself.

This is a great opportunity for all involved and PCHAS is grateful for the invitation from H-E-B to participate! 

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