A Foster Father's Love

Jun 13, 2019 - In the News


2019 Fathers Day Header

Father’s Day can be full of emotions. Whether you are overwhelmed with gratitude towards your dad or wrestling with disappointments, the holiday can bring all those emotions to the surface. For Isaac, Father’s Day took on a whole new meaning when he and his wife embarked on the journey of serving children by becoming foster parents.

Isaac is an electrician and his wife Emily studied to become a teacher. They had discussed foster care and adoption while they were dating. “It was something we always wanted to do,” he says.

Two years ago, a PCHAS case manager in Dallas placed a baby boy with them. She described what she saw on her visits: “They were cuddling him and loving him and nestled into a smiling, adoring, happy three-piece unit.” The arrangement seemed ideal. But when the couple learned that a teenaged boy was staying in a shelter, they asked PCHAS if they could care for him as well. “They deliberately made their happy three-piece unit into four,” says the case manager. “They are tenacious in their commitment to children.”

The family enrolled the teenager in football, took him to his friends’ swim party and showed him—every day—what healthy relationships looked and felt like. Eventually the young man returned to his birth family. The baby was reunited with his birth parents, too, leaving Isaac and Emily missing both boys very much.

“We got used to them being a part of our life and we didn’t want that to stop,” the foster dad comments, though he knows that consistency is important to a child’s development. “To be a dad means to show up for your kids when they need you the most, to love them through whatever, and to give them a good foundation.” By being a foster father, Isaac knows he is helping to build those critical foundations for children in need.

Despite the pain of saying goodbye to his first children, Isaac opened his heart again. He and Emily now care for other children in their home and love them just as unconditionally as the first.

This Father’s Day, we ask that you remember all the foster dads out there, like Isaac, who love and care for children who need a home. To learn more about becoming a foster parent, contact us online or call 800-888-1904

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