Helping Mom Helps Her Children

Feb 14, 2019 - Success Stories


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Jason was struggling. He was diagnosed with ADHD and was having behavior and performance problems at school. His mom, Samantha, wanted to help him, but she didn’t know where to start. She was stressed about relying on monthly social security funds while she looked for a job, not to mention caring for Jason and his older brother, John.

Samantha was desperate for help when she began working with Mavis Matthews, a child and family specialist in Baton Rouge. PCHAS’ Child and Family Program is designed to help families in crisis stay together, preventing state intervention. Our masters-level specialists make sure children are safe, then help families create achievable goals, all at no cost to the family.

Mavis helped Samantha take on one problem at a time. Mavis started with parenting sessions right away to help Samantha learn how to provide the right amount of structure and be consistency for her son. Samantha was having a hard time making the changes she learned, so Mavis practiced with her over and over until she felt comfortable enforcing new boundaries and household guidelines on her own.

They worked on job skills, completing applications, and practicing for and completing job interviews. It paid off. Samantha got a job at Chick-Fil-A and began feeling more confident. She knew she couldn’t fully provide for her kids on a part-time salary, however, so Mavis continued to help. There were many days when Samantha faced rejection and wanted to quit, but she knew she had to push through if she wanted to take care of her children. After several months of searching, Samantha found a full-time job with benefits. Her work schedule is great for her family. She is home in the evenings to help her boys with their homework and to cook and share a nutritious dinner.

Mavis also helped Samantha learn how to advocate for Jason’s special school needs. She accompanied Samantha to all school meetings and was able to schedule tutoring sessions for Jason twice a week, which Samantha attends and credits with helping strengthen her and Jason’s relationship. They were also able to have an Individualized Education Program meeting, at which time Samantha asked for Jason to be evaluated. For the first time, she felt like teachers were listening and wanted to help get her son the services he needed.

Jason now had the care he needed from his mother and his teachers. His future is bright because he is happy and healthy.

And now that Samantha has learned the skills she needs to be a successful parent, she has set her sights on the next goal that will open even more doors for her family: getting her GED.

PCHAS offers its Child and Family Program in Louisiana and Texas. A similar program, Family Solutions for Kids, is offered in Missouri.

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