A Soft Place to Land

Dec 10, 2018 - In the News


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At our Residential Treatment Center, we give each resident a set of new bed linens to keep. The girls and boys arrive with very few possessions and they take these blankets and pillows to their next destination, whether or not it’s with family. For children who are traumatized, having their very own bedclothes can mean a lot.    

Two years ago, a furniture dealer arranged to give mattresses for the children in our care. The sales rep, Wayne Matthews, is a member of St. Charles Presbyterian Church and asked Debra Paulus, senior development officer, to stay in touch.  

Debra called Wayne when the Residential Treatment Center needed pillows. He could not donate any from his store, so Wayne and his wife Jolyn went to a “big box” store and personally bought 50 pillows.   

As for new pillowcases, the St. Louis Star Quilt Guild sews them for PCHAS. Together, the kindness and generosity of these donors give comfort to children in need. 

Want to get involved? Contact your local development officer at 800-888-1904.

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