Healing Body and Soul

Nov 15, 2017 - Success Stories, Why I Volunteer


Jackie had been a good student and outgoing. By 5th grade, though, raising her hand at school was not an option anymore. She feared someone would see the bruises.

In the 6th grade, her grades declined so much that a teacher, Mr. Spalding, worried about her. “Jackie avoids speaking in front of the class,” he told the school counselor. “In fact, she hardly speaks at all anymore. She seems withdrawn, as if she’s trying to disappear.” The counselor contacted Child Protective Services (CPS). An investigation found that Jackie’s stepfather had been abusing her. CPS recommended 24-hour care for Jackie.

When she arrived at the Residential Treatment Center in Farmington, Jackie was essentially mute. Gradually she contributed to her plan of treatment. In our safe, structured round-the-clock care program, she received psychiatric treatment for depression and attended peer support groups. As months passed, the staff counseled her, mentored her and nurtured her. And she began to heal.

Today, Jackie lives safely and happily with an aunt who was eager to become her legal guardian. She is back at school this fall, enjoying her classes and building a social circle. She is a survivor and no longer a victim.

Read more about our Residential Treatment Center in Farmington or call (toll-free) 800-747-1855.

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