Becoming A Forever Family

Nov 13, 2017 - Success Stories


When Alfredo and Monica were unable to have children, they weren’t sure what was next. Monica’s mother suggested they learn about adoption.

“I was scared at first,” says Monica. The couple didn’t personally know anyone who had adopted. But after they researched, read adoption books and attended adoption support groups through PCHAS, Alfredo and Monica knew it was the right choice. “We knew there were children out there who needed a good home with loving parents," says Alfredo.

One day, the couple got a call. A birth mother wanted to meet them before choosing a family for her child. They met the young woman a month later and everything seemed to click. “Right from the get go, she chose us to be Eli’s adoptive parents,” says Monica.

When Eli was born, the hospital gave Monica and Alfredo their own room so they could have time alone with him. “They gave us time to bond with the birth mother and let her see us with Eli,” says Monica. The hardest part was when it came time to be discharged from the hospital. “His birth mother was very emotional,” says Monica. “It was very hard for her.” But the three adults remain a team for Eli, whose birth mother visits when she has breaks from school.

Eli was 11 months old when a coworker mentioned to Monica that she knew a woman who wanted to place a child for adoption. Monica called Kelsey, a PCHAS maternity and adoption specialist and Eli’s case worker. Kelsey decided to bring in Kiara, another PCHAS maternity and adoption specialist, so she could translate for the Spanish-speaking birth mother and ensure her comfort and understanding of the process. Once again, the birth mother met with several families but, in the end, chose Monica, Alfredo and Eli to be the forever family for her child.

Because of the timing of paperwork, Ava lived in a foster home for two weeks after she was born. Kiara soothed the birth mother’s fears. “Kiara voiced the birth mother’s concerns and advocated for her,” says Monica. “PCHAS will do what’s right for you as a parent, but also for the birth mother and child. I think that’s outstanding.”

When it was time for Ava to go home with Monica and Alfredo, PCHAS held an entrustment ceremony to honor Ava’s transition.

Alfredo and Monica chose open adoptions for both of their children. “Healing-wise, it seemed better for them to have a relationship with their birth mother,” says Monica. “We asked both women to write a letter that we could read to our children to assure them that they were never abandoned, that their birth mother made a loving choice.” Ava’s birth mother also wrote her a song in Spanish.

“I believe God has perfect timing and chose the perfect family for us,” says Monica. “Adoption seemed difficult and scary, but with PCHAS’s help, it has been one of the best experiences of my life,” confirms Alfredo. “I am so glad my family chose adoption.”

In honor of National Adoption Month, PCHAS is sharing the stories of just a few of our amazing adoptive families. PCHAS is proud to provide Christ-centered foster care and adoption services. Learn more about voluntary adoption.

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