Therapeutic Mentoring Scores a Home Run

Oct 31, 2017 - Success Stories


Simone Zachary, like all our Therapeutic Mentors, looks for strengths in the children she serves. One of her mentees, Channelle, loves playing softball. Zachary enrolled her in the Redbird Rookies—a children’s program of the St. Louis Cardinals. It allows children to play sports at no cost and attend activities such as a health fair, a concert and a reading series.
Redbird Rookies aims to instill values of teamwork, integrity, and leadership. These values matched the goals Channelle had expressed to her mentor. In her first season, Channelle was one of the few youngsters to win a Gold Glove award for perfect attendance at practices, games, and off-field activities. She has learned that she has talents and self-control, Zachary reports. She is making wiser choices in school, on the field, and socially.
Channelle is in the 8th grade this year. Because of her mother's mental illness and lack of parenting, Channelle is being raised by her grandmother. As a Therapeutic Mentor, Zachary has been able to advocate for Channelle at school, where she receives tutoring, and connected her to community resources such as Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run. Zachary has helped Channelle to diffuse her anger and establish healthy behavior in relationships.

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