What is a Child Profile?

When families want to adopt or foster with PCHAS, we ask how they came about the idea of welcoming children into their family and the type of kids they think will be a good match. A child profile is simply the description the family shares.  

We ask about the child profile throughout the process because a family’s preferences can change as they learn and prepare to foster or adopt. We also want to ensure the family’s interests are a match to the kids referred for placement. The types of children needing foster or adoptive placement can (and does) change because of court rulings, legislative and policy changes in our state and country. 

Today, most children entering foster care are school-aged. Most are also part of a sibling group and need to be together. Trends show younger children are more likely to reunify with their birth family and often have more opportunities for living with a kinship caregiver. If the court terminates their parental rights, there is a good chance their foster parents will choose to adopt. So, few young children appear on sites like the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange (TARE). 

Texas children waiting for an adoptive family are almost always: 

Toward the end of the verification process, families work closely with PCHAS to finalize their child profile. We start with the family's preferences, and then our staff makes recommendations based on our assessment and clinical experience. We want adoptive children and families to succeed and are committed to honest, ethical adoption. For this reason, we only verify families with a child profile that reflects the needs of our community.  

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