Advanced Education Application

Applicant's Contact Information

I check my email account:
What is your relationship with the applicant?

Basic Eligibility

I am seeking enrollment into an accredited State of Texas public trade school/college or university.
I was a resident for at least one full year at one of the PCHAS Group Home Care or Foster Care Village programs.
If yes, which location?

Personal Information

Marital status
Are you a U.S. citizen?
Do you have a valid State ID?


Have you had a meningitis shot?
Are you able to obtain a copy of your shot record?
Emergency Health Needs

Check all that apply.

Is there any physical or mental reason you cannnot attend in-person college classes?

Past Education

Have you completed high school?
Did you receive special education services (ARD), 504 or accommodations in school?
Are you able to obtain a copy of your diploma or GED?
Have you ever enrolled in dual credit courses, college or trade school?
Are you able to obtain a copy of your college transcripts?

College Plans

Are you currently enrolled in a state accredited trade school/college/university program?
Have you made a decision for which college or academic program to enroll?
I plan to enroll in college:
I plan to enroll into a college program by semester:
I plan to enroll into a college program by the academic year:
I will attend classes:

Be specific.

The college location mentioned above is:
Do you forsee any challenges that may be a barrier to your success while attending college? (check all that apply)

College Admission Steps

Have you recently made application to a public trade school/college/university?
If yes, have you received notification of acceptance( via letter or email)?
Have you met recently with the admissions advisor to verify Program/Field of Study is offered?


Please list where you are living, how long you can stay and if you currently pay rent.

Do you plan to live in student-housing while attending college (or near campus)?
Will you remain in your current housing while enrolled in college program?
If no, with whom will you be staying?


Do you have a valid Driver's License?
Do you have your own vehicle?
Do you have reliable transportation to/from college campus/internship/employment?
Have you ever utilized public transportation?


Have you ever been employed consistently for six months or more?
Are you currently working?
Do you plan to remain employed while attending a college program?

Financial Aid Status and Needs

Financial Status

You may be asked to provide your financial aid award letter, previous two years' tax return and/or other verifications of monetary awards, scholarships or income to provide eligibility for admission services.

Have you submitted your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)?
Did you mark "yes" on the FAFSA question: "At any time since you turned age 13, were both of your parents deceased, were you in foster care or were you a dependent or ward of the court?"
Are you eligible for a State of Texas Tuition Fee Waiver (TXDFPS granted)?
Do you have other eligible education and training vouchers (ETV) or benefits?
Please provide your estimated college expenses for one full academic year (August-May; June-July).
Please provide your anticipated sources of income to cover college expenses for one full academic year (August-May; June-July).
Tuition Waiver:
I am requesting financial assistance from PCHAS for:

Education and Career Goals

My main goal at this time:
If accepted into the Advanced Education Program, my goals during enrollment/after graduation include (check all that apply):

As specific as possible, provide a statement describing why you have chosen your particular course of study and how you see these educational achievements fitting into your plans for the future (minimum of 200 words).

Deadlines for Application Submission:

March 1, prior to the Fall semester of enrollment
July 1, prior to the Spring semester of enrollment
*December 1, prior to the Summer semester of enrollment

Other Information

Summer school will be considered on a case-by-case basis only and under certain circumstances.
Enrollment less than 12 credit hours will be considered on a case-by-case basis only and under certain circumstances.
The application process will not be considered complete until all required paperwork is submitted.
Additional questions: Email the Director of Education Services at or by leaving a message at 469-285-4731.