Single Father Had Two Goals

Jul 07, 2022 -


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Robert and his daughter when they moved into the PCHAS Single Parent Family Program in Farmington in 2019.

“She has more energy than I know what to do with,” chuckles Robert. “I wish I had a fraction of her energy!” The proud dad speaks affectionately about his daughter, who just finished sixth grade. 

Robert has had full custody of Destiny since she was a toddler. Injuries and chronic health problems prevented him from working, and three years ago Robert could not pay his rent. In 2019 he entered the Single Parent Family Program at Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services (PCHAS), which provides housing, emotional support and tools for building self-sufficiency. Robert and Destiny moved into a small unit that fall. 

A Navy veteran takes his commitments seriously. Three years ago this vet's goals were to manage his limited finances and to become an even better parent, and he succeeded at both of those. “PCHAS helped me get a lot stronger at budgeting and now I’ve got it figured out to a T,” he says. “I even have a little money left over at the end of the month. And we’re getting along great.” 

Robert’s parenting goals were to create more quality time with Destiny and prevent stress from compromising his health. Now she knows that he has time for her. He can play games with her and include her in making their plans “without butting heads.” When they discuss what she’ll do when she grows up, he tells her, “I will back you up, no matter what.”  

In spring of 2021, Robert and his daughter graduated from the PCHAS program and moved into their own place. What are this father's goals now? “Getting my vehicle fixed,” Robert answers firmly. Then he explains: “My girl loves being outside. We want to go camping and fishing this summer.”  

Translation: More dad and daughter time. 

PCHAS’ Single Parent Family Program enrolls women and men who are single parents. It is not an emergency shelter and only accepts clients through an application, interview and assessment process. For further information call 800-888-1904 or contact PCHAS. 

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