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Dec 06, 2018 -


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Members of John Calvin Presbyterian Church at PCHAS' North Texas Luncheon (L-R): Audrey Weynand, Joy Haynes, Nancy Morton, Lennie Lawler, Bunny Dodson, Helen Bridgforth, Jo Walter, Rev. Amy Moore, Doris Foreman, Max Tanner and Anne Tanner.

Of the many Presbyterian congregations known as John Calvin, one made a truly remarkable gift to PCHAS in the form of a $250,000 donation. 

Ten members founded the church in North Dallas in 1953. A decade later, the thriving congregation dedicated a new sanctuary. For years, JCPC supported United Presbyterian Home, as PCHAS was known then, not just with donations but also with fellowship and personal commitment. It became the church home for many of the children in care.   

Former pastor Amy Moore speaks highly of the conviction and energy of the congregation, which operated a vacation Bible school and youth missions. The members had a long tradition of community outreach, becoming active in a food bank, Habitat for Humanity, North Dallas Shared Ministries and other community programs. By the time Rev. Moore arrived, the congregation was aging. “They did what they could do from within the walls of the church,” she explains.   

In recent years, sustaining the church became more difficult and and the members began a process of prayerful discernment. They realized that closing the church would not mean the end of their ministryIn fact, a substantial contribution toward the care and support of children would mean their ministry would live on. The congregation sold its church property in 2018 and made a truly impactful gift of $250,000 to PCHAS 

 “The most important thing that can happen between God and the human soul is to love and be loved, says Rev. Moore. And as Easter peoplepeople of the resurrectionwe believe that in every end there is a beginningWe found a way to continue our ministry of Christian love through the work of PCHAS."

To learn how individuals and congregations can support the PCHAS mission, please contact your local development officer

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