Bike 1K For PCHAS: Jared Schreher

Sep 08, 2017 - Why I Volunteer


Jared Schreher fell in love with cycling in 1986 after he watched the Tour de France. "My very first ride was only six miles, and I was sore for days," said Jared. By 1989, he was racing both road and mountain bikes in upstate New York. Racing and riding throughout the years lead him to give "bikepacking" - - covering one-day distances of over 100 miles on rough dirt roads for several days in a row -- a try.

In February, Jared and Rick Presser were brainstorming about the 2017 Race Across Texas when Rick suggested riding a charity. This idea blossomed into having three cyclists-Rick, Jared, and David Brenner- ride for Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services (PCHAS). By sponsoring Jared on this adventure, you are helping to make the rough road that the children and families PCHAS serves ride a little smoother.

Jared starts the Race Across Texas, a 1,000 mile race that spans from Texarkana, Texas to Tucumcari, New Mexico and features 90% dirt/gravel roads and approximately 25,000 feet of climbing, on Saturday, September 9th. You can track his ride at If you would like to sponsor Jared, visit

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