Teens Inspire Others

Jul 14, 2017 -


Inspire (verb): 1. to breathe in  2. to motivate or encourage

In June, a youth group from Covenant Presbyterian of Wichita, Kansas visited the Transitional Living program in Columbia, Missouri. The high school students spent two hours talking about the agency's mission, how to prevent child abuse and how to help children who have been traumatized.

What gives a person hope? How can a girl feel hopeful when her own family has mistreated her? The youth agreed it is extremely important to encourage --  to give courage to -- the teens in our care, who are going through some of the most difficult times of their lives. Then, all of the youth group members and adults made an inspirational book for our girls in Transitional Living. The book combines serious and light-hearted words of support.

To find out how your church or civic group can make a difference to children, contact Debra.Paulus@pchas.org or call 800.383.8147.

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