Class of 2017: Zack

Apr 22, 2017 -


Another school year draws to a close, meaning it's time for graduation. We are so excited for each and every one of our graduates and what their future holds. We want you to get a glimpse of the amazing young men and women we have had the privilege of getting to know through our Group Home Program, in their own words. First up is Zack.

What year/grade did you come into care with Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services (PCHAS)?

5th grade; 10 years old

What are your plans after graduation?

I plan to attend Texas State Technical College in Waco.

Are you currently employed or were you employed in the past? If so, where do you work? What do you do? What do you like about it?

I work at Sonic in Hillsboro. I cook and clean. I like the people I work with.

Are you involved in sports or other extracurricular activities at school? Which ones?

I play in the band and in the marching band. I play guitar, bass drum and snare drum.

What are your interests outside of school (could be a hobby, church group)? What church activities have you participated in (VBS, youth choir, etc.)?

Playing guitar (self-taught) and playing with my band, Black Aura, a heavy metal band

Have you won any awards or received other honors at work, school, church or the community?

I attended honors classes my sophomore year. I took Honors Chemistry, Honors English, Honors World History and Honors Algebra.

What are you known for (could be a personality trait, musical talent, flair for acting or art, athletics, academics) by your friends and housemates?

I’m known for having musical talent – playing drums in marching band, playing the electric guitar.

What is one of your favorite memories from your time with PCHAS?

Hiking in the mountains and seeing the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado.

What/who will you miss the most when you leave (school, church camp, mentors, Home Parents?)

I will miss my former recreation director, Travis, and Dean and Donna Remillard, my Home Parents.

What else is interesting about you that you think we should know? What are some of your favorite things in the world (favorite animal, food, place, day of the year, holiday, movie, book, event, etc.)?

Halloween, Christmas, cats, guitars and death metal

Make sure to stay tuned to meet our other graduates!

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