Volunteers Keep Costs Down

Jan 15, 2017 -


[caption id="attachment_1685" align="alignleft" width="300"]fall-clean-up-rotarian-on-ground-smaller A volunteer helps with maintenance[/caption]

There is never a dull moment for the PCHAS Maintenance Team. With program locations in five cities and residential services in three of them, the team keeps busy with inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs.

The team consists of Barb Heider, Office and Property Manager in St. Louis; Ron Rau, Maintenance Worker for the St. Louis office; Steve Williams, Maintenance Supervisor for the Farmington Campus; and Randy Wisemiller, our “as needed” maintenance worker in Springfield.  The team visits every campus regularly, peering into nooks and crannies to address the importance of safety and comfort for our clients.   

Heider describes the Residential Treatment Center in Farmington as an example. “It includes the main building, which is 20 years old; a milk barn converted into a recreation center; an older gym, now used for storage; and four cottages built in the 1960s,” she explains. “If you own a home, especially in Missouri, you can appreciate how much effort goes into the caulking of windows as well as the HVAC system and the plumbing at this site. These facilities are also damaged at times by children acting out their hurt and pain from abuse, abandonment and neglect.”

PCHAS receives grants for the important work of helping traumatized children and that’s our priority.  We’re dependent, therefore, on the generosity of our friends to underwrite annual capital maintenance and improvements. Sometimes, church and community groups can also donate volunteer labor. Service projects allow  us to keep our focus on children and families.

The kids in our care appreciate the gifts that underwrite site improvements as well as the volunteers who paint our buildings, clear fallen branches and help turn a campus into a home. If your organization would like to be involved, please contact your local development officer.

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