Facing Challenges in Parenting

Dec 28, 2016 -


stress-balance-toyParenting is the hardest job in the world. At PCHAS we acknowledge this universal and indisputable truth. From colic to college (and even beyond), no job is more consuming or thankless. All the books and all the grandmotherly advice do not prepare anyone adequately.

What is rarely acknowledged is that parents experience transitions, too, as their children go through normal—but often dramatic—developmental stages. Every family member is affected by all of the ups and downs of life. And if additional challenges such as illness, addiction or divorce arise, we can help. At PCHAS our mission is not to judge or instruct, but to come alongside parents to help them navigate the uncharted territory of raising a family.

We understand that no parent is perfect and anyone can benefit from the help of compassionate professionals. We provide perspective and hope in the midst of what may seem like overwhelming circumstances. The hardest job in the world does not need to be the loneliest job in the world.

Judy Bauer, LPC
Family Solutions for Kids Case Therapist

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