Group Homes Throw "Black and White"-themed Dance

Dec 06, 2016 -


The Waxahachie and Itasca Group Homes held a “Black and White”-themed dance in November. The committee that planned the dance was made up of some of the kids themselves. All helped to turn the auditorium in Waxahachie into a “disco.” Everyone who attended was dressed in black and white—from head to toe—and everything from the room decorations to the food was black and white too.

A disc jockey played the kids’ favorite songs and lights flashed to make a disco-like environment. Stephanie Fairbanks, a volunteer at the Itasca and Waxahachie Group Home Campuses and a dance teacher, came to teach four different dances to the kids and adults. Some didn’t know how to do some of the dances and they were excited to have a dance teacher so they could learn the steps to popular dances.

There were many times during the night when every child was on the dance floor and most of the adults were, too. They did all kinds of dancing, from the "limbo” to the “Cupid Shuffle” -- they danced the night away! The only time that the kids were not moving was during the “Mannequin Challenge” that requires to dancers to stand completely still, like mannequins. Without a doubt, kids on both campuses slept like logs after dancing for two hours—with only a few breaks for black and white food! It was a great night for everyone involved.


“This was the best night of my life,” said one child, and all the children thanked the adults for the fun that they had had. A great time was had by all!

By Mollie Moore, Assistant Group Home Supervisor

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