Home Development Coordinator


Core Responsibilities:

  1. Must be able to direct and fully implement the foster care and adoption program and agency philosophy of care: To be Family Centered, Strength Focused and Goal Driven.

  2. Participates as a member of the Foster Care and Adoption team to meet the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of foster children during the time they are placed in a PCHAS foster / adoptive home, as outlined in each client’s individual service plan.

  3. Assist with developing and implementing a comprehensive recruitment and retention strategy to successfully bring new foster/adoptive and Fostering Connections families into agency operations. Work closely with the Church Engagement Coordinator, Foster Care and Adoption Director to maximize strategy potential. 

  4. Build collaborative relationships and serve as liaison with selected agencies, churches, community stakeholders and potential program collaborators with the goal of recruiting qualified prospective foster/adoptive families.  Assist with representing the agency and program in a professional manner at a variety of recruitment events and venues to market and network with others regarding agency services. Schedule and attend regular collaborative meetings as directed by Program Director.  Schedule and attend regular PCHAS Information Meetings.  Make presentations to the general public when scheduled. 

  5. Responsible to provide leadership and facilitation of all phases of verification process for potential foster and/or adoptive parents, documenting in data tracking system:
  • Making application to the program

  • Responsible for all Initial contacts for foster/adoptive families (providing initial screening and follow-up)

  • Facilitating home visits of prospective foster/adoptive families to complete a comprehensive assessment in regards to the family becoming potential foster/adoptive parents that will implement the PCHAS way, along with meeting the needs of the children PCHAS serves.

  • Creates prospective foster/adoptive family binder with tabs (includes all required documentation in correct sequence)

  • Gaining the necessary training and certifications to become licensed foster/adoptive parents

  • Developing the needed skills and aptitudes to assist potential foster parents in achieving success through the verification process

  • Maintaining accurate records and files on new foster/ adoptive parents; facilitates tracking, monitoring, following-up, and collecting all required documentation that must be turned in by prospective foster / adoptive families for verification

  • Monitoring prospective foster and/or adoptive families/homes for compliance with Minimum Standards

  • Oversee, coordinate, and lead in providing or make arrangements for training potential and foster/adoptive parents

6.  Performs other assignments and duties as directed

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Responsible for oversight and regular supervision of Home Development Specialist to ensure all inquiries,

monitoring, tracking, and timely follow-up with prospective foster and adoptive families meet standards,

and position goals are completed as assigned.

Working Conditions:

Provided an office on the Austin campus and must be able to physically travel to all sites where services are delivered. Must be able to work flexible and extended hours including evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.  Overnight travel will be required to provide support to clients, families and staff and to attend meetings and conferences. Available to go to any location where client emergencies occur. On call hours are routine. Must be able to work in high stress, high-energy environment and make decisions in those conditions. Must be able to maintain professionalism when confronted with verbal and /or physical aggression.

Job Requirements:

Position Requirements, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Understanding of PCHAS philosophy of care as expressed in the PCHAS Way; competent skills to implement in accordance with the PCHAS philosophy of care.

  • Requires in-depth understanding of a comprehensive field of knowledge. Involves the ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw conclusions dealing with abstract variables.

  • Preference of a Master’s degree with licensure in the Social Work, Professional Counseling, marriage and Family Therapy.

  • Requires one year of professional experience in a public or private social welfare agency and extensive knowledge of modern methods and techniques.
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