Child and Family Specialist


Core Responsibilities:

1.   To be knowledgeable of local needs and available services to children and families in the community.

2.   To publicize PCHAS presence; serve as a professional liaison with the local social service community;

and speak to church and community groups when requested.

3.   To work with Presbyterian churches in program promotion, assist development efforts, and utilize and support volunteers, as needed.

4.   To receive referrals and maintain a caseload of 12-16 families, make home visits, conduct need assessments, develop a plan of service that is culturally sensitive and promotes self-determination for the family.  Explore and facilitate referrals as appropriate to the needs and abilities of the family.

5.   To provide parenting or other skill based classes for families as appropriate considering existing community resources.

6.   To practice with a family centered, strength focused and goal driven approach while utilizing the PCHAS Way.

7.   To assist and encourage families to advocate and coordinate (within their capacity) all needed services for themselves with the overall goal of achieving self-sufficiency.

8.   To coordinate services for children and their families according to the service plan and best practice standards.

9.   To consistently reevaluate the plan of service as goals are accomplished and/or changed.

10. To maintain all documentation  in the case record and CSWIS data system in an ethical and timely manner.

11. To collaborate, communicate and organize with community partners in order to provide the best possible

resources for children and their families.

12. To participate in linkages by referring and accepting referrals with other PCHAS programs in an effort to promote internal wrap around services.

13. To attend Regional and PCHAS agency meetings, participate in quality assurance teams as assigned and travel for training as needed.

14. To receive direct supervision from the Child & Family Supervisor and participate in individual and group supervision as scheduled while working cooperatively as a team member of PCHAS.

15. To receive leadership, guidance and service type training from the Child & Family Service Type Coordinator and Organizational  Impact staff and participate cooperatively in communication,  meetings and trainings as arranged.

16. To perform other duties as assigned.

 Working Conditions:

  Most offices are provided in Presbyterian churches with normal office equipment (computer, fax, copier, office furniture).  Much of the work week is spent outside the office doing home visits, face to face contact with clients, resource networking and agency relations.  Reliable transportation is a necessity and overnight trips may occasionally be necessary for training, quality assurance and Regional meetings.  

Job Requirements:

This position requires education, training and experience in human service delivery to families.  The ability to work with a wide variety of human problems and competence in handling crisis intervention is required. Flexibility in terms of work hours and work locations is necessary.  Possessing counseling and social work skills with children and their families is essential along with strong organizational skills, time management, and flexibility in scheduling.  This position requires a highly motivated self-starter with special abilities to relate to families, churches and community groups.  

Desired job expectations:

1.   LMSW, LPC, or its equivalent.

2.   A minimum of 3 years experience working with children and their families.

3.   Clinical licensure is desired.

4.   Experience or discernible high aptitude in working with church groups and social service agencies.

5.   Good listener and communicator both verbally and in writing.

6.   Possess critical thinking skills to help families to develop goals, find solutions and attain self-sufficiency.

7.   Experience working in social services or the child welfare system.

8.   Extensive knowledge of local area social services and networking opportunities.

9.   Bilingual

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