Administrative Assistant (Part-time)

Wichita Falls

Essential Job Functions: 

  1. Management of Records:  Responsible for assisting case managers with collecting and filing all documents related to foster home records and youth’s files.  Assists the case manager in creating, organizing, and maintaining all binders to Foster Home and Youth Records as needed.  Assists with inputting all information on youth and foster homes into the CSWIS system. 
  2. Auditing Foster Home and Youth Records:  Assists case managers with auditing foster home and youth records.  Requests documents as needed from foster families, case managers, and Child Protective Services staff.  Follows up with these requests to ensure requested documents are received and filed in the record. 
  3. Tracking Foster Home Training:  Assists Home Development Coordinator and case manager in maintaining accurate records and files on foster/ adoptive parents and fostering connections families; facilitates tracking, monitoring, following-up, and collecting all required documentation that must be turned in by licensed foster/adoptive families prospective foster/adoptive families for verification. 
  4.  Closing Adoption files and youth and family files:   Assists the Administrative Coordinator with dismantling child and foster/adopt family files when an adoption has occurred and prepares the file for closure and archiving in Houston.  Assists with making copies as needed for the foster home file if the family home is remaining open for additional children in foster care.
  5. Admissions:  Assists Administrative coordinator with creating and updating youth intake binders and educational portfolios.  Assists home development staff with creating and updating training binders for prospective foster/adoptive families.
  6. Staff Support Provides clerical support to Director and staff, including generating letters, memos, brochures, flyers, reports, newsletters, etc. Provides back up for staff in retrieving documentation from files, copying, faxing, and mailing. Makes phone calls on behalf of staff as needed in the process of task completion and other program operational requirements. Provides general support, information, and coordinates requests with all foster / adopt parents. Visits satellite offices as needed for administrative help.

    Working Conditions:

    Offices at the assigned foster care and adoption office.  Position is performed in a typical office setting.  Utilizes typical office equipment.  Occasional local travel using employee’s own vehicle.  The Administrative Assistant travels to other PCHAS offices as needed.  Schedule is part time with typical office hours with occasional evening and/or weekend hours.  Position is subject to mild/moderate stress.

    Job Requirements:

    • Must be at least 18 years of age.
    • Must have valid Texas driver’s license and good driving record.
    • High School education or GED equivalent.
    • At least 2 years’ previous experience in a job performing related tasks.


    • Must be highly organized, self-starter, able to prioritize tasks and manage competing demands, able to work effectively with minimal supervision, ability to work as a member of a professional team.
    • Understanding and commitment to high ethical standards.
    • Ability to encourage others and demonstrate compassion in all areas.
    • Must have excellent interpersonal and telephone skills.
    • Must have excellent skills related to use of computer and Microsoft Office software; good typing skills (60 WPM or above), and able to effectively use other office equipment (e.g. copier, laminator, printers) 
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